Paper Scissors Rock

This is a simple Paper Scissors Rock game that you can play against the computer. This was the final project as part of my L6 diploma in 2022. We had to integrate a provided model into a React web app, and usign the web cam detect a users hand pose. The model is a little funky, try to keep just your hand in the frame, but dont worry too much. As long as its a clear shot. Check the poses by turning off the camera option in the top right (if not already disabled). The poses in the images are what the model looks for.

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This is a tool I built so I could practice using Typescript in NextJS. I use both ssr and csr to render the site; an ExpressJS server on Render that connects to a MongoDB Atlast Cluster for card data, as well as a static site on Netlify serving the 11,000+ card images. This was a mighty task for me, as I wasn't sure how to host such a large quantity of images. I have an ExpressJS api hosted on Render, and a server on Netlify acting as a CDN to serve the 11,000+ images.

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