Far Cry 6 - Not so bad

Posted: Sat Feb 10 2024

An exciting but stale adventure.

Far Cry 6 was fun, frustrating, and relatable. It involved taking over military checkpoints, steam rolling enemy controlled targets and constantly adjusting my brightness.

I enjoyed it. It had it's fun parts, and it also had parts that weren't as fun. Far Cry 6 has decent graphics, and has a lot of smaller details I enjoyed.

Even though it was relatively short, completing the campaign in 25 hours (2 hours more than what the main story usually takes). Sure, I didn't do everything, boo-hoo. I play until I see credits. End of story (literally).

Playing as Dani Rojas, you connect well. You get to learn more about Yara, and it's inhabitants. You learn about the dictator Antón, his son Diego and the dynamics between them all as Dani slowly brings down Antón's production of Viviro tobacco. You meet many other characters along the way and dive into their stories, helping them conquer their own quests so they can help you conquer yours.. something like that anyway.

Small details throughout the game such as Dani singing in the car during travel, auto driving so you can sit in silence and what the AI drive like it's never touched a car. The AI, while on the road, reminds me of GTA, such that other cars would intentionally drive into you. It was even worse when it was a soldier's vehicle, because it would trigger them and they'd start shooting you?!?

I encountered some bugs (to be expected). None were majorly game breaking, but often did require restarts of the game to fix. Sometimes dialogue triggers wouldn't happen, or AI would get stuck while following you. Just the typical ones you'd expect in such an open world game like this.

All up I'd give the game a 6.5/10 - It's fun to play and the story works for it. However it's a little buggy at times. The radio also only plays like, 3 songs. Very minimal sounds while you're driving 3000 meters to the next objective while avoiding AI traffic who should learn how to stay in their lanes.

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